Resources for Businesses

Tools to inform businesses of their rights and obligations during the COVID-19 crisis.

Letter to Businesses

ATTN BUSINESS OWNERS: You are not legally obligated to enforce mask mandates.

Masks have been demonstrated to be ineffective at preventing disease, mask mandates are discriminatory in nature, and the CDC is not a government agency. The agency which regulates workplace safety is OSHA, and both ADA and HIPPA protections prevent businesses from discriminating against their customers for not wearing a face mask.

Montana Sheriffs will not enforce mask mandates.

This letter was posted on the Gallatin County Sheriff Department facebook page on July 17th, signed by 38 Montana Sheriffs. These Sheriffs have declared that that they will not enforce Governor Bullock's mask mandate, and will opt to educate the public instead.

"The statewide order is a public health directive. The directive is not a mandate for law enforcement to issue citations and arrest violaters."