Resources for Citizens

Tools to empower you and protect your rights.

Please print and distribute these materials wherever appropriate.

Montanans Unmasked Flyer

Please print this flyer and distribute where appropriate in public places.

"We believe: Face mask mandates are unlawful. Face masks do not prevent disease. Face masks may cause harm to the wearer. Face mask mandates will be followed by mandatory vaccines, contact tracing, immunity passports, total erosion of liberty... We believe we can stop this! Visit"

Face Mask Exempt Card

This card can be printed out and presented to show that you are exempt from wearing a face mask in public, and the penalties to be faced for violating your medical rights.

"I am exempt from any ordinance requiring face mask usage in public. Wearing a mask poses mental and/or physical risk to me... Under the ADA I am not required to disclose any medical condition to you."

Attn -- Businesses: "Guidelines" are not laws.

This flyer can be printed out and presented to businesses to inform them that they are not required to follow face mask guidelines, and that they cannot discriminate against any patron who is not wearing a mask.

"Law enforcement will immediately be called if a patron is harrassed or intimidated in your establishment"